In the world of interior design, not everything goes. You can find great designs that are nevertheless made with poor quality materials and over time, this design is damaged and loses the functionality and vitality it seemed to have.

At Nacher we work with high quality materials, with a view to creating furniture that lasts over time and continues to have the same magic it had when you bought it. We don’t like furniture without personality, basic and lacking that special magic. We like long-lasting relationships. Relationships for life.

Do you want to know what materials we use to make our furniture and how you can take care of them?


We are sure that at this point you are not surprised because most of the furniture that has been and is manufactured uses wood as the main protagonist. And the fact is that wood continues to be the most functional, flexible and durable material that exists when it comes to giving life to quality furniture.

Practical household items such as tables, chairs, shelves, cupboards and other accessories are made of wood. This does not mean that the furniture has to be classic in style, nor does it have to stick to a certain style.

materiales top para tus muebles de diseño italiano

Nowadays, many different types of wood (pine, oak, beech, walnut…) and finishes (lacquered, printed, upholstered…) are used to create avant-garde and modern styles. Hundreds of textures, details and colours that fit perfectly with the style of your home.

Among the most commonly used woods for making furniture we can find:

Acacia wood:

Acacia wood is characterised by its hardness and elasticity. It is a durable material that resists the passage of time and humidity without problems. It is suitable for indoor furniture although it can also be used for garden furniture (as long as it is properly treated for such use).

Pine wood:

Another of the most used woods to manufacture indoor furniture and whose main characteristics are its versatility and the ease with which it can be worked. Pine wood is a resistant and flexible material which makes it one of the preferred woods for the rustic style.

Oak wood:

Quality, resistance and beauty. These are the main characteristics of this type of wood.

Its beauty is acclaimed all over the world and it is also an easy to work with material that is highly resistant to humidity and the passing of time. It is not one of the cheapest woods on the market, but it is undoubtedly one of the best performers in terms of design, functionality and durability.

Mahogany wood:

This is one of the most appreciated woods that stands out for its elegance and quality. The mahogany wood is typical of high standing furniture like the ones we offer in Nacher. Unique designs that, thanks to the quality of mahogany wood, become authentic works of art.


Metal is one of the materials currently used in the manufacture of furniture and accessories. It is a flexible material that allows the inclusion of various functionalities that other materials do not offer.

Aluminium, stainless steel, copper or brass are some of the most popular materials when it comes to making furniture.

Both as a main material and as part of furniture accessories in the form of legs, handles or knobs. Although it does not require exhaustive maintenance, this type of material must be protected from humidity to avoid damage or rust affecting the material and the design of the piece itself.


Since ancient times, marble has been one of the most used materials due to its resistance and vitality. This custom has endured over time, and today we can find furniture made with frames or decorative figures that are included in the furniture itself.

This is the case of kitchens or bathrooms whose worktops are made of top quality marble and which offer a wide variety of shapes and designs. We can also count on marble for certain pieces of furniture such as dining tables, as the top can be manufactured in a variety of materials such as glass or porcelain, but also in marble.

One of the great advantages of marble is that it does not need much maintenance, it is enough to polish it approximately every two years to recover its natural shine.

Melamine or laminate

This is a chipboard covered with synthetic veneer, a decorative sheet that is glued onto a board and is usually made of PVC or ABS.

This type of material can have different finishes, some of them even manage to perfectly imitate natural wood. You can find them in hundreds of designs and colours. Everything you need to meet your needs and preferences.

Within this type of material there are also different qualities based on the thickness of the melamine layer. The thicker this layer is, the more resistance and durability it will provide.

This type of material is resistant to humidity, steam and scratches. It is also characterised by being cheaper materials than the rest and, in its case, the necessary maintenance is practically null.

At Nacher we care about providing you with the highest quality materials so that your project is a project for the future. And if you want to know the trends for this autumn-winter 2021 we leave them here. In this article we give you some tips on what is going to be the most popular this season in terms of interior decoration, in terms of fabrics, colours and elements to give life to the rooms.

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