It seems that for yet another year, summer is leaving behind a season full of nostalgia, seclusion and comfort.

Many people are in love with the autumn season. And the fact is that its colours and the picturesque landscapes that it gives us make us fall in love with it.

With the cold weather come long evenings at home, rainy days and Sunday mornings spent with the little ones.

So that this autumn-winter you can feel like never before, we are going to tell you about the latest trends in decoration that are making a comeback this new season.

Main autumn-winter 2021 trends


#1. Nature: the star of the season

This season’s star colour is green. Dark greens, light greens, fir colours… This is going to be the colour that fills all the rooms in our home during the winter season.

Natural elements come in through the front door, making plants and figures or pictures with plant motifs the star protagonists.

This type of colour combines perfectly with ochre, grey or ecru tones. A perfect mix to create a cosy and familiar atmosphere.

In our catalogue you can find the TREE HOOK coat rack. Made of high quality wood and inspired by nature. A coat rack that will leave no one indifferent.

#2. Cannage

Cannage is a decorative style that combines wood with grids creating different motifs.

Last year we already saw how cannage was making its way into homes all over the country and this year it continues to be a trend.

This type of style has the advantage of adapting to any home so it’s a good idea for a change of decor this season.

#3. All gold to light everything up

Another of the star colours this season are the golden tones that combine perfectly with green. Another of the colours of the moment.

Gold is a colour that should be treated with care. It is not a question of choosing this tone for an entire room. The idea is to play with small accessories or motifs in this colour.

It will give the space the touch it needs to shine with its own light.

#4. Handmade motifs

With the pandemic we could see how we became hairdressers, cooks or improvised artists. And it is precisely this trend that is setting this year’s decorative style.

We need to return to our roots and craftsmanship is where we can find the way.

Decorating your bedroom or living room with handmade elements is a way of dressing up your home with the essence of a complement made with love and dedication. And that will be noticeable in the atmosphere.

#5. Minimalism

In recent months many homes have become improvised offices or school classrooms that flood the entire space. This has made many people realise that in decoration, less is more.

The idea is simple, keep what you really need and what makes you happy. Space is a precious commodity and it is better to have few decorative elements that are of quality and inspire love than hundreds of accessories that don’t say anything or contribute anything to you.


#6. Natural plants… or not

Surrounding yourself with nature will make you feel alive. The idea of living in the middle of nature is something that is being considered by many people in recent months.

While that idea may or may not be flowing, why not bring a piece of nature into your home?

Choose indoor plants that don’t require a lot of care and that you can place in a corner without disturbing them.

And if you are one of those people who find it difficult for a plant to survive in your hands, you can always opt for artificial plants.

#7. Warm fabrics

Wool and cotton are entering the new season to make their way not only into your wardrobes but also into your home décor.

Choose wool blankets to cover the sofa in ochre or brown tones and play with different fabrics to dress up tables or bedrooms.

The possibilities are endless!

#8. Stylish walls

A wall is a blank canvas that you can dress with your dreams, your memories or your feelings.

This year the fashion is for walls full of soul. You can choose mirrors like the TWIN mirror, made of high quality wood and with straight lines. A different touch to your wall that will look stylish and sophisticated.

Add vinyl, wallpaper or photographs that instantly inspire a sense of love.


Before autumn decides to settle in, don’t forget to dress your home in tune with the season.

With the latest trends in decoration that we have shown you, you will achieve a decoration that is careful, different and, above all, fashionable.

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