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Decoration elements that combine research, development and vision. So you can create environments with a harmonious and contemporary style.

Quality materials, attention to detail, Italian taste and functionality find their expression in the shapes of our products. Tables, chairs, beds, sideboards, shelves, lighting and many other complements for a complete home.

Nacher invites you to immerse yourself and discover a fascinating universe. New designs, new materials and new functionalities at the service of a constantly evolving lifestyle.

The collections that we now present are committed in their creations to versatility in the finishes and the reinvention of a classic, an element as traditional and warm as wood, made from our furniture factory in Valencia and with professionals of the sector.

Furniture with soul, avant-garde and groundbreaking, which represents an evolution towards the true essence of the concept of design.

Because CH is, in short, the result of a way of understanding life, the chimera of filling the dwelling with content and turning it into a real home.

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Discover Nacher's furniture philosophy

At Nacher we specialise in designer furniture with great personality. In addition, we offer a personalised, fast and efficient service so that our customers can feel fully satisfied with their purchases.

We like avant-garde furniture and we take great care in the design of our products, but without ever neglecting their comfort. We do not forget that a piece of furniture has an aesthetic function, but above all a practical function. That is why our modern design chairs stand out for their great comfort, which allows you to extend an evening or a conversation as long as necessary.

We have been manufacturers since our origins and although for a time Nacher stopped manufacturing its own furniture to specialise in the sale of Italian designer furniture. We continue selling this type of furniture today.

However, today we combine both activities and have recovered our activity as manufacturers of modern furniture so that our customers can find in our catalogue not only the best of Italian design, but also the personality and elegance of the creations that have made us famous.

Care of materials

At Nacher, we produce our own furniture, using high-quality wood. The best raw materials, careful designs and the hands of the best professionals is what is needed to obtain the results that you can see in our catalogue and of which we are very proud, where you can find tables and chairs as star products but also all kinds of auxiliary products such as mirrors, side tables, coat racks, shelves and much more.

Our design team is always on the lookout for the latest in interior design to deliver quality pieces that fit into the most modern homes, without ever compromising on the timeless homes that have relied on our products for decades. Keeping long-standing customers while capturing the attention of the younger ones who are looking for design and fashion is a challenge that we love to take on in order to please everyone.

Vanguardist Furniture

We want to take care of every detail of the home, that's why we work with all kinds of furniture that improve the day-to-day life of families such as coffee tables or television furniture.

We understand that details make the difference in a room and that is why we always strive to offer the latest in interior design so that our clients can boast a welcoming and avant-garde home.

Designer bookshelves are another good example of how pleasing lines and highly functional furniture can go hand in hand.

Italian designer furniture

The Italian furniture you will find in our catalogue is designed to satisfy the most demanding needs in terms of style and functionality. We highlight the extendable dining tables perfect for everyday use with the family, but also for special occasions when you can easily increase their capacity.

The Italian designer dining tables in our catalogue follow the latest trends in interior design and are also comfortable and very pleasant to sit at. The matching designer dining chairs can be chosen from a wide selection of products.

Designs for professionals

At Nacher, we enjoy creating a sense of home when they go to hotels, restaurants or any type of catering establishment. Our hotel tables are distinguished by their simplicity, elegance, and exceptional durability.

We also offer hotel armchairs that are comfortable and highly decorative for rooms and lounges for special events. Our restaurant tables and chairs have earned a well-deserved reputation and can be found in many catering establishments in our country.