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An element that is part of our auxiliary furniture, so simple and at the same time so useful. Essential in every home, we find designer coat racks in the different rooms. We can even find original coat hooks in the bathroom to store towels and bathrobes. You just have to know how to choose the perfect model and finish for each room.

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Coat racks for the entrance of your home

At the entrance, coat racks have become a practically essential element. We leave our coats and bags when we get home and it is also where guests leave their things to have them on hand right when they leave.

We offer you coat racks like the Tic Tic model, with a fantastic design that means that we are already looking at a decorative element, but also at a very useful rack for leaving things. One can be used alone or several can be combined, especially if there is a hallway area in which to change before entering, accompanying the consoles that preside over the entrance.

Coat racks for your dressing room

In the dressing room, coat racks are very important because they allow us to leave some clothes out of the closet, either because they are going to be used shortly or because we want them to dry or air out before putting them inside the closets in contact with the rest.

Our Hooky coat rack is a good example of a coat rack perfect for the dressing room. With different lacquer finishes, this designer coat rack made of beech wood is ideal for always having bags at hand, for storing coats that you are going to grab soon or for hanging slightly damp scarves and hats that you don't want to put away yet.

Coat racks for the bedroom

In the bedroom the work of a coat rack can also be very important. It allows us to have those clothes at home or for the night on hand, in an organized way and without having to put them in a drawer along with other clothes that are not worn.

A good example of a perfect coat rack for the bedroom is the Tree Hook, on which we can hang the robe, the pajamas we wear every night or the bathrobe. Made of beech wood, it is offered with different finishes that allow it to be combined with the rest of the furniture in the room.

Our designer coat racks offer perfect solutions for the entire home. Discover our models and the options we offer for each of them since all our options can be placed in any room.

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