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Discover the charm of our designer consoles, elegant and practical design pieces that transform any space in your home. Perfect for all types of spaces, designed to complete your decoration with a touch of sophistication. Discover our collection of designer consoles, modern and original for your living room or hall.

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Consoles, an essential accessory for the home

Consoles are essential furniture for all types of homes, since they are the ideal complement to complete spaces that may seem empty. In addition, consoles offer different advantages of use that can be perfect for any home. They are really useful pieces of furniture, which we recommend you include in your spaces.

Discover all the uses you can give to our design consoles!

Consoles to receive your guests

The hall or entrance of the home is one of the most important parts of the house, since it is the space that your guests will first see when they enter the door. An entrance can be a large, bright space that includes several elements or a rather small hall, in which few pieces of furniture can fit.

Whatever your entrance area is, don't worry, at Mobles Nacher, we will help you dress it with the best designer furniture.

We propose several models perfectly adaptable to all spaces. Unique consoles with incredible finishes that you can only find in our catalog. We have the console you are looking for, do you want to know more?

Consoles to complete the dining room

The dining room is one of the spaces where we tend to spend the most time in the house; it's the place to relax, to watch TV leisurely. But also, it is the room that we associate with fun, because whenever we have guests for lunch or dinner, we receive them in this space.

We know that finding furniture to make your dining room exactly as you've always wanted can be really complicated, especially finding furniture that perfectly combines and adapts to the decorative style of your home.

Among our consoles, we have the perfect furniture to keep your entire dining room in complete harmony. Include a console in that space you have in mind but can't find the ideal furniture. Our consoles perfectly match the dining tables in our catalog, so you won't have any problem dressing up your home.

Consoles to complete your room

If what you are looking for is a side piece of furniture for your room, we have the perfect option. We recommend that you include one of our consoles in that empty space in your room, it will serve as a place to put your jewelry boxes or other items.

Moreover, we advise you to combine the console with one of our mirrors or with a pair of our modern design chairs, you will create a special corner, which will demonstrate your personal character and will be reflected in the decoration of the rest of the room. Achieve unique spaces with our Nacher design furniture!