Lounge chairs

The main characteristic of lounge chairs is that they are upholstered, which gives them a very elegant and unique look. If it is normal to choose beautiful chairs that contribute to the decoration of any room in the house, in the living room this is its main mission, so the lines and finishes of this furniture have to be especially cared for.

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Designer Lounge Chairs

Their designs are made to adapt to current fashion trends, but combining that timeless air that quality furniture always has and that makes it last over time beyond the trends of each moment.

The key to its beauty is in the quality of its materials, with chosen woods and high-quality fabrics that highlight the design of the chair, achieving a piece of furniture that appears simple, but with great work behind it that has taken into account even the smallest detail.

Designed for rest

Lounge chairs are designed for rest, sitting in them provides an immediate feeling of comfort and that is why the wood is upholstered with soft padding that makes its use very pleasant.

These are wide chairs that allow you to sit comfortably and most models have arm support, which allows for a much more relaxed posture. Thanks to their ergonomic shapes, they support the body to always provide the best position.

Lounge chairs allow hours of lively conversation without having to constantly change your posture to be comfortable; and the best, without giving up aesthetics and beauty.

Very easy to combine

All lounge chairs allow you to customize their finishes with a wide variety of upholstery fabrics. In leather finishes or different fabrics, these chairs will always coordinate with the rest of the elements in the living room.

You can combine them with our designer shelves so that you don't miss anything in your living room. The plain tones stand out, perfect for the chairs to be a discreet element of the decoration, giving the spotlight to other more prominent pieces of furniture. But if what you want is to draw attention to a small corner created with a specific atmosphere, printed fabrics will capture everyone's attention with their daring designs, always maintaining elegance.