Are you looking for designer auxiliary furniture for your home? Discover the Nacher collection and the quality auxiliary furniture that you will love.

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Design Auxiliary Furniture

Our auxiliary furniture helps create space and adds value to any room thanks to its careful designs capable of combining modernity with the touch of class that the right choice of materials offers to any piece of furniture. Discover our range of designer auxiliary furniture...

Design halls

There is no second chance to make an excellent first impression, which is why our halls are furniture specially designed for this purpose: to make the best impression. As? Offering enough space so that nothing is in the way and, also, choosing, as always, the best materials, finishes and latest designs.

In Nacher hallway furniture, lacquered materials are absolute protagonists. A good example would be a console with a double drawer with a lot of capacity but that barely fills the space.

A narrow, very functional and elegant piece of furniture that can look perfect even in other places in a house: in an office, in a living room, etc. In fact, in an office you could combine it perfectly with one of our designer shelves.

Mirrors for different environments

Mirrors are, possibly, the most frequently used auxiliaries in general. They find different spaces in the home to occupy. In addition to being useful and having a clear decorative function, they allow you to play with light and are therefore key to achieving the luminosity sought in some rooms. The Juliette model owes its originality to its design in the shape of small rectangles that makes it fit very well in living rooms or dining rooms.

The simplicity and beauty of the Lyli model is also notable. A mirror that can go in any room of the house, from the bedroom to the bathroom, depending on the rest of the elements with which it must be combined.

At the entrance, mirrors allow for a last check look before leaving the house, but they also make this space in the house, which usually lacks natural light, look much brighter and also larger. Sets like Hole achieve this effect and thanks to its careful narrow design that adapts to any space, it is a great option for many homes.

Coat racks that look like works of art

In homes with the distinctive Nacher seal, even the coat racks have their special style that gives them good design work, a good example is the Tree Hook model.

Made of the best materials, they are unique pieces that, in addition, will be considered sculptures rather than simple coat racks. When you need them, they can be used and can hang several garments with complete comfort and, if not used, they will not look like a simple coat rack devoid of coats. .

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