Designer furniture catalog

Our furniture catalogue offers a wide selection of tables, chairs, shelves and other auxiliary furniture to decorate the different spaces in the house. From the entrance hall to the kitchen, the bedroom or the living room, there is a Nacher piece of furniture that can fit in every corner of the home.

Our designer furniture can be the absolute protagonists of the space, as is the case with dining tables and chairs, or they can be in the background, such as side tables or chairs to decorate the master bedroom, but they always add a touch of distinction wherever they are placed.

Italian design furniture

At Nacher, we use quality woods for our own furniture manufacturing. The best raw materials, careful designs, and the hands of the best professionals are what it takes to achieve the results that can be seen in our catalog, of which we are very proud. In it, you will find tables and chairs as star products, but also all kinds of accessories like mirrors, side tables, coat racks, shelves, and much more.

Our design managers are always on top of the latest trends in interior design to be able to offer quality pieces that fit into the most modern homes, without ever giving up on those lifelong homes that have trusted our products for decades. Keeping our long-time customers while attracting the attention of younger ones looking for design and fashion is a challenge we love to undertake to please everyone.

Avant-garde Furniture

We want to take care of every detail in the home, which is why we work with all types of furniture that improve the daily lives of families, such as coffee tables or TV stands.

We know that details make the difference in a room, and that's why we always strive to offer the latest in interior design so that our customers can boast of a cozy and cutting-edge home.

Design bookshelves are another good example of how pleasant lines and a highly functional piece of furniture can go hand in hand.

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