Mesas de comedor de diseño modernas

Nacher tables are designed to bring style and functionality to your home, made with high quality materials and a wide variety of finishes. From extendable dining tables to versatile side tables, each of our tables is made to create a unique atmosphere. Find the one you are looking for in our catalog of designer tables.

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Designer dining tables for classy spaces

The wide variety of design table models that can be found in our catalog cover practically any need.

We are talking about designs for the home, which fit into different decorative styles, from the most modern to the most classic; as for other spaces such as hotels, restaurants and places where the client is expected to feel at home.

Our dining tables come from a wide variety of sources of inspiration to achieve models that are different from the rest, in order to be the main piece of furniture in the room.

Accompanied by our designer chairs, they will be the center of attention.

You can also choose glass dining tables or porcelain dining tables, if you know that this finish is what you are looking for.

Dining tables that never go out of style

The dining tables are spacious and comfortable, adapting to all spaces. But we emphasize that it is a quality table and a careful and very modern design.

Tables for hotels

In hotels we can find different types of tables. On the one hand, restaurant tables or on the other hand, other table styles that support the decoration and make these places much more welcoming.

Some hotels opt for all the tables to be the same to give uniformity to the decoration and a marked personality to the hotel, although the sizes may vary to adapt to different spaces. Others prefer to create different environments that differentiate each area of the hotel and that invite the client to choose their favorite place.

There are also auxiliary tables, which are strategically placed in highly visible spaces to create striking decorations that make the client feel that they are in a place where details are taken care of, achieving a pleasant, cozy and attractive image for travelers. that arrive.

Restaurant tables

Comfort and style must be perfectly combined on a restaurant table. The customer wants to feel comfortable and notice that they have enough space for all the plates and glasses. But, at the same time, he demands a beautiful and well-designed table that makes him perceive that he is living a somewhat special and different experience.

While with a table for the home dining room it is possible to play with many materials, with restaurant tables you have to go for a good design made with very solid and resistant materials.

In this way, the tables will remain beautiful despite being subjected to continuous use day after day and without the need to invest too much time in cleaning or maintenance. For this reason, wood is much more preferred than glass or lacquered.

We must also not forget that currently simple-looking designs are the ones that set the trend, although that does not mean that they are not furniture with great work and in which all the details have been taken into account.

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