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If you are looking for decorative mirrors we show you our creations. Mirrors expand and illuminate the home so they are a great choice.

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Decorative mirrors

Not only are they capable of illuminating our own presence, mirrors illuminate the soul of the home.

Since ancient times they have been used as main elements to decorate palaces, luxury hotels and of course, people's homes.

Today we can find mirrors with thousands of shapes, with frames of different combinations and even with different functions.

In our furniture catalog you can find a selection of designer mirrors designed to decorate unique rooms.

Mirror Shapes Matter

The world of decoration has evolved and the typical rectangular and sober mirrors used to cover a wall are gone.

Nowadays you can find mirrors with the most diverse shapes. From raindrop-shaped mirrors, to circular mirrors, mirrors simulating elements of nature or combinations of various shapes with which to give a special touch to the wall.

One of the most successful mirrors is the H20 model that imitates the shape of a drop of water. This mirror is finished in high-quality steel and allows you to play with different combinations to create shapes or mosaics full of life.

Make your space a place with soul

If you want to get the most out of this accessory, don't limit yourself to using it only in the places that we all know, such as the entrance to the home through consoles, or the bedroom.

The Hole model is designed in two types of gloss white or wood finishes. This model is ideal both for use in common places and for infrequent places such as the hallway or even the kitchen.

Why give up light in any space?

Designer mirrors with their own personality

If you are looking for something different, something that you will not find in any decoration store, you can opt for an integrated combination of mirrors that, in addition to offering an avant-garde touch to the place, combine perfectly with any type of furniture.

This is the case of the Tiku model, which you can place at the entrance of your house so that each person who crosses the door is perplexed by the beauty of harmonious lines that play with different circular mirrors, creating a fun, exclusive and, above all, original accessory.

And if you are more into straight lines, we also have what you are looking for. The Mandy model integrates a combination of square mirrors that combine in fresh but modern environments, to give the necessary spark in any living room or bedroom.

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