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Glass Tables

If there is one thing that's clear, it's that glass is in trend, not only because it adds an extra touch of elegance and design, but also because it is a material that enjoys great resistance capable of increasing the lighting and spaciousness of spaces. Are you thinking of renovating your home's decor and keeping up with the latest trends? Well, you can't miss our Italian design glass tables. You won't be able to live without them!

Glass tables provide many benefits

Renew the look of your home and make it shine like it never has before with these glass tables. Moreover, if your home does not have much space, including a glass table like the ones we present in our collection will increase the sensation of spaciousness in any place.

Whether it's in the bedroom, the dining room, in an office, or a reading nook... We have glass tables of all sizes and models for you to place wherever you wish. There are round ones like August A and Leger, square or rectangular ones like Vik, Tavolo Wood, or Nil. Additionally, you can choose from all our finishes to find the glass table that best fits your decorative style.

We help you combine them

But if we still haven't convinced you, you can combine one of our glass tables with our high-quality designer chairs. Achieve the sophistication and appeal you've always wanted in your home without giving up functional furniture that adapts to all your needs. Don't think twice and get one of our beautiful glass tables!