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Porcelain Tables

Looking for greater durability in your Italian tables? At Nacher, we take your needs seriously, which is why all our Italian design tables are made with the best materials and finishes available on the market.

Discover our brands: Neolith, Inalco, Levantina and Dekton.

In our collection, you can find porcelain tables from brands such as Neolith, Inalco, Levantina, and Dekton, with which you cannot live without. Yes, just as we're telling you. Its thickness makes porcelain the best ally for achieving a design table of great durability and resistance. Capable of lasting for many years, even with daily use.

Without a doubt, it is the ideal complement to cover any structure, whether metal or wood, among other materials. What can we say? With porcelain tables from well-known brands like Neolith, Inalco, Levantina, or Dekton, you are betting on quality and beauty. Indeed, they not only stand out for the level of resistance they withstand, but the Neolith finish also manages to make any piece of furniture, in this case, design tables, a unique piece with great aesthetic and functional value.

Tables are usually one of the elements that suffer the most in a home since they are used daily, so acquiring a table with these characteristics is synonymous with absolute success. Taking care of the appearance of all the elements that make up the home, including porcelain tables, is really important and necessary.

At Nacher, we have ideal porcelain tables for any type of environment and home. Are you ready to get a table with a durable and attractive design?